Air Quality Matters: 5 Ways Your Ac Impacts Indoor Air Pollution


Air Quality Matters: 5 Ways Your Ac Impacts Indoor Air Pollution

Air quality is something that most people don’t pay attention to; however, if it’s bad enough, it could be having a major impact on your life without you knowing. The key to a healthy life is being in a good environment, which is impossible if the air you breathe every day is polluted and contaminated with something you can’t see. Your air conditioning unit will be your main defense against this, which is why it’s so important to know how an AC can help maintain a clean internal environment and sterile air.

1-    Air Filtration

One of the main functions of the AC in your home or office is that it filters out small particles from the air you breathe. Most ACs fall under the dual mini-split system, in which one unit lies outside, and one lies inside, and the outdoor unit cycles air into the indoor one. When air passes from the outside in, it passes an air filter that’s present in all air conditioners. This filter removes small particles like dust, sand, smoke, and other allergens, such as pollen. Many people consider this to be the frontline defense that air conditioners have against pollutants in the air, and it is why the air quality indoors always remains clean.

2-    The Buildup Of Dust And Toxins

Another thing to look out for when you’ve been using your AC for long enough is that, over time, dust and toxins will build up within it. While your air conditioner is excellent for keeping the air you’re breathing clean, without proper maintenance, it can make things worse. The internal environment of the AC, especially the air filter, can become a breeding ground for bold and airborne bacteria entering the air every time you use the AC. The only way to fix or prevent this is to clean the air filters regularly.

3-    Humidity Control

An underappreciated function of the air conditioner that has made the lives of countless people easier is that it can control the humidity inside a room or house. Having a humid internal environment can lead to lots of problems, including rusting and other kinds of wear and tear being accelerated indoors, but in the context of air pollutants, excess humidity can cause mold and fungi to grow. This mold will release spores into the air slowly, causing an infestation and health problems in people who live inside. Your AC prevents the most suitable condition required for mold to grow rapidly.

4-    Extra Ventilation

Another important thing to consider is that you can get rid of pollutants in the air simply by cycling the air through the house frequently. The easiest way of doing this is by keeping your home well-ventilated. Ventilation can be an issue if you’re not living in a large building with a large duct network, but the slack can be picked up by air conditioners that pump in fresh, clean, filtered air from the outside to replace the stale and polluted air inside. Even if the air quality in your home isn’t great, your AC will help to rectify that.

5-    Chemical Emissions

The cooling process of air conditioners relies on a chemical compound known as refrigerant. This crucial substance facilitates the cooling cycle, ensuring comfortable indoor temperatures. However, the stability of this refrigerant is paramount, safeguarded by its housing mechanism. Unfortunately, as time goes by, wear and tear can compromise this housing, potentially leading to disruptions. Should such deterioration occur, the refrigerant might release volatile organic compounds or VOCs, which can significantly diminish air quality and pose notable health risks. In cases where these concerns arise, seeking assistance from professionals is wise. Numerous companies operate across the United States, ready to address such issues, ensuring that your indoor environment remains safe and comfortable. You can easily find assistance for AC repair in Scottsdale or an area near you.


Air quality is taken for granted by most people because most public and private places have successfully been cleaned and maintained to the extent that the air people breathe isn’t usually polluted. However, the backbone of this system is the local air conditioning unit, and without this, the air quality will only get worse and worse until it starts to have an impact on the health of anyone breathing in the air. Luckily, if you use the information provided in this article, you can prevent your air from getting too polluted, and you and anyone you share a space with will feel the benefits instantly.

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