Handicap – Tips To Play Football Games With The Correct Handicap


Handicap – Tips To Play Football Games With The Correct Handicap

Football betting is always an attractive source of money-making entertainment for all players around the world. This subject has many attractive bets that are hunted by the players. In which case, it is impossible not to mention handicap—the type of rafter that brings many gamers to the throne of “Betting King” unbeaten. You will understand more about this bet as well as how to catch it in the following article by online sports betting.

What is Handicap in football betting?

Handicap is the name of the Asian handicap, a type of bet that is extremely popular in football betting because this is a bet that helps players best identify the team’s capacity, which team is strong, and which team is weak through the handicap rate. left of Handicap.

The handicap shows the top and bottom teams by the number of handicaps, and the results that you want to bet on, must also include the handicap of the team. That shows up on the bookie’s betting table with different stakes for each resulting score prediction. At a reputable bookmaker with an automatic payment system for transactions by scratch cards and banks, the lowest bet is $10  to help players participate in betting without too much capital.

How to read Handicap correctly in football betting

Handicap can be considered a fragrant bet in football betting. Therefore, when participating in betting at the house, you should refer to the instructions on how to play and read the Handicap rafters below to get super huge profits for yourself:

  • First, you need to have an account at our bookmaker. Please visit the site homepage, click “Register,” and then follow the instructions to create an account.
  • Next, you deposit money into your account to have a betting capital with an arbitrary amount of deposit.
  • Step 3, Select “Sports” 🡪 Select “Football” and then press Bet. Now You must study the handicapped to bet correctly.

How to read Handicap as follows: Handicap has several types of bets based on the number of left-handed handicaps by the top team, as follows:

  • Evening Handicap: A bet on whether the match result is a draw
  • 0 Left-Bay Handicap: Bet when 2 teams are similar in ability and predict the outcome of a goalless match.
  • 25 Left Handicap (Left half ball).
  • Left 0.5 Handicap (Left Half Handicap): This is a bet where the upper team handicaps the team below 0.5 left.
  • Handicap 1 left: The upper team handicaps the under team by 1, and the result between the 2 teams must be 2 goals apart to win the bet.
  • Half-half, also known as 0.75 left hand.
  • Handicap 1.25 left (half hand)/ Hand 1.5 left (left hand and half) and 1.75 left hand.

Revealing the secret to catching football Handicap bets to win

Knowing how to read handicap is not enough; you should equip yourself with the following tips to catch the correct bets and improve your winning rate:

  • Analyze the capacity of the two teams and the factors related to the match (weather, home field, …) carefully, and choose the bet between two equal teams to judge the results more accurately, The most is placed for the ball bet.
  • If you see a sudden change in the odds of the top team before game time, you should bet on the bottom team.
  • Should choose the bottom bet when the handicap is left half and the stake is high, or when the bet is reduced but the bet remains the same.


Our article has introduced to you how to play attractive handicap, football betting here with Handicap fragrant rafters. Hopefully, the way to read the odds and catch the bets shared above will be useful to you, helping you to earn huge winning profits. Good luck.

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