Quick Essential Tips for Shopping for Men’s Sun Hats


Quick Essential Tips for Shopping for Men’s Sun Hats

The roasting sun during the time of summer calls for sufficient protection against dangerous UV rays, making sun hats an essential and effective accessory for everyone. With an abundance of options available in the market, finding the ideal sun hat can be challenging. If you know that you want to shop for men’s sun hats online at Solbari, then you are on the right track. But if you are clueless about how to choose the right hats, then this post shares with you several quick essential tips to make a good choice:

Immense UPF Rating

You must check for the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating on the hat label. You should know that higher UPF ratings promise you better protection against dangerous UV rays. Try to choose a UPF of 50+ for optimal and most effective sun protection. Of course, once you pay attention to this aspect, you can choose the hat wisely.

Always pay attention to Material  

You must choose sun hats that are formed up of lightweight, breathable materials like straw, cotton, or nylon. These materials do not just keep you cool and comfortable but even provide you with excellent sun protection.

Wide Brim is a must 

Look for a sun hat having a wide brim that shades your face, even neck, and ears effectively. A brim size of a minimum of 2.5 inches is suggested for the utmost level of protection. Certainly, once you explore, you come across diverse options in wide-brim hats for men. You would not have to compromise with your chic and charm.

Proper Fit is essential 

Make sure the hat fits comfortably on your head without even being too tight or too loose. An adjustable strap or drawstring can definitely help achieve a secure fit. You can be confident that your hat feels good, works well and looks awesome. What is the point if it is loose and it keeps on slipping or making you feel uncomfortable?

Explore Ventilation properties 

Go for sun hats having ventilation holes or mesh panels to endorse airflow, preventing your head from getting massively sweaty and overheated. If there is no proper ventilation provision, make sure that you move to another option.

Explore the feature of Sweat Absorption 

Remember that it is the features of a hat that make it ordinary and extraordinary. Make sure that you look for the feature of sweat-wicking in the fabric of the hat to keep your head dry and even comfortable. This way, your head will stay fresh and dry even on hot and humid days.

Check Packability

If in case you are someone who loves to travel, then you must not miss out on packability. You should choose foldable or crushable sun hats that you can easily pack without losing their shape. Of course, you would want to carry your hats to every place you visit or travel to!


To sum up, when you pay much attention to these quick essential tips, you can confidently pick the sun hats that are perfect and rewarding for men. Your hat will add up a pinch of charm and confidence to your personality.

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