[Solved] SportsDevil Web Request Failed 2022 Error on Kodi


[Solved] SportsDevil Web Request Failed 2022 Error on Kodi

You despise errors, don’t you? Don’t worry! You won’t have to bang your head on the wall due to SportsDevil web request failed error this time. We have got your back. Being a free streaming solution, Kodi isn’t alien to problems.

Here, at KodiTipsTricks, we have already covered many fixes in the past. In case you are having a different issue, don’t hesitate to comment down below. We will help you fix it as early as possible. For the time being, let’s try solving the issue in the hand, shall we?

In a Nutshell

1 How to Fix SportsDevil Web Request Failed Error?
1.1 Solution 1: Enable RTMP on Kodi
1.2 Solution 2: Update the AddOn
1.3 Solution 3: Rollback to a Previous Version
1.4 Solution 4: Get a VPN to Solve SportsDevil Web Request Failed
1.5 Solution 5: Reinstall the AddOn
1.6 Conclusion SportsDevil Web Request Failed Fix
How to Fix SportsDevil Web Request Failed Error?

You are a sports addict, aren’t you? It just kills you the fact that SportsDevil is not working. As you already read, it is not going to deplete your sleep. In this article, we are going to address the issue once and for all.

Shall we begin? Before we delve into the solutions, you have to know the error can only be resolved through trial and error method. That means, you have to manually go through every fix we are going to share. Just stumble upon the one that works for you.

Solution 1: Enable RTMP on Kodi
The first fix we are going to try out for eliminating SportsDevil error web request failed is to enable RTMP on Kodi. In case you don’t know, it stands for Real-Time Messaging Protocol. Most of the users fix this issue by enabling RTMP. Let’s see you can do the same. Just follow the steps given below.

Click on AddOns from the main menu of Kodi. Chances are you have a build or skin on top of the default one. Then, you will have to go to Settings>> AddOns.
What you need to select from this section is My AddOns. Don’t hesitate to pick InputStream section then.
You now know where you are going, don’t you? RTMP Input option just sits there in front of you. Select and Enable it.
Don’t think your job is over! Head over to InputStream Adaptive and Enable that too.
The only thing remaining for you to is restarting Kodi. Do that and once you are back, check for the error.
I hope you managed to get away from the problem. No? You still in quest of an answer to how to fix SportsDevil web request failed? Well, here comes the next fix.

Solution 2: Update the AddOn
We suppose you have no luck in solving the issue with the first fix. So, you are going to update the addon to see if it works. We have seen many people escaping from SportsDevil not working problem through this method.

You have opened Kodi on the desired device (be it smartphone or TV). In case you haven’t done it still, what are you waiting for!!
What you need to open is System. The way it unravels before you completely depends on the skin or build you use.

Don’t be skeptical to choose AddOns. You will get a few more options on the next window.
sportsdevil web request failed
What we have to opt for is My AddOns.

Going with All will get you a list of every single addon you have installed. Scroll down to pick up SportsDevil.
sportsdevil web request failed
On the small dialogue box that pops up, you need to click Update.
sportsdevil not working

You can see a list of versions next. Choose the latest one and there you go!

Are you still getting frustrated with web request failed SportsDevil not working issue? We have a few more solutions to cheer you up.

Solution 3: Rollback to a Previous Version
Whenever an error with Kodi happens, everybody talks about updating the addon. Not a single person we saw have opened their mouth to say ‘hey, you should rollback to a previous version’. Let’s bust the myth.

Hey, you should rollback to a previous SportsDevil version.

We meant it. You can follow the same steps we have mentioned above. Go down when you are choosing the version. Fiddle with different versions and we’re sure one will strike the chord for you.

Solution 4: Get a VPN to Solve SportsDevil Web Request Failed
As a Kodi user, you must know what a VPN is. Full-formed as Virtual Private Network, it helps users avoid online surveillance. Due to many illegal addons available on the platform, many people perceive Kodi as an illicit solution to quench your thirst for multimedia.

sportsdevil web request failed

What you need is a top-notch VPN. I can’t recommend anything but NordVPN here. It just put SportsDevil 2019 web request failed error to shame.

Solution 5: Reinstall the AddOn
You have already tried updating the addon. Of course, you did roll it back to an older version as well. So, what’s left?

Nothing wrong in reinstalling it, right?

Follow Settings>> AddOns>> My AddOns.
You will see SportsDevil there. Just click on it and hit Uninstall.
In order to get it back, you have to return to AddOns section. Search for SportsDevil and Install it.
There you go! The error has left you forever, hasn’t it? You will not suffer from the scorching hands of the issue ever again.

It’s time for you to get your calm demeanour back. You can now sit back on your chair and watch your favourite team playing. Wasn’t it you always wanted? SportsDevil web request failed problem is nowhere to found. In case the issue still persists, don’t forget to leave a comment down below. We appreciate it if you share any other fix with us.
Start Kodi app and from the main menu go to the “system” and then “File manager”.
You have to click on “Add Source” and then select none.
Now the users have to type the URL http://sparkysrepo.com/turkrepo/ and click on done.
In the next step, you have to enter the name “Turk” in the box having title “Enter a name for this media source” and click on Ok.
Navigate back to the home screen of Kodi and select “System” and then click on “Add-ons”.
Next step is to click on “Install from zip file” and then “Turk” and repository.ukturk-x-x-x.zip.
Wait for some time for the notification and then go to the option install from the repository and then UKTurk Addon repository.
After this click on video add-ons and then UK Turks playlists and press install button here.
Here, you have to wait for the add-on enabled message. As the message is received means you have done successfully with the installation process and addon is ready to play.
7. Real Movies:
This is a one-click play 3D movies genesis Kodi add-on with full HD movies and 3D options. The users can watch all of the new releases, TV shows, old-school movies, comedy and Disney collections etc. Real movie add-on has a collection of 200 HD movies and a great selection of 3D movies.

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Follow below-mentioned instructions to install this extension of Kodi:

Start Kodi and select “System” menu from the home screen.
Click on the File manager sub-option.
Next step is to select the “Add source” and then click on None.
Now the user has to type the address http://streamAddons.eu/repo and click on done.
Highlight the box asking to enter the name of media source and enter “Real” or anything that you want to enter and press ok.
After this come back to the Kodi home screen and click on “System” and then “Add-ons”.
Here, click on the “Install from zip file” and click on the media source that you have named “Real”.
Select Kodi 3D movies repoe. repository.streamaddons.x.x.zip and wait until the add-on enabled message is received.
Now once again select add-ons or install from repository and then click on the stream add-ons repo.
Now, you have to click on the add-on repository and select stream army repo from here.
Click on video add-ons and select real movies and tap install here.
At the end, you have to wait for the add-on enabled notification for some seconds.
8. Project M Kodi Add-ons:
This add-on streams 4K movie along with best 3D movies on Kodi in high quality. Project M add-on has different sections for various contents like kid-safe movies, sports channel, 3D movies, IPTV music channels, music videos and documentaries etc. Follow below-listed steps to install this add-on:

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Start Kodi and select option System from the home screen.
In the next step, follow the sequence File manager> Add source and select none.
Enter the address http://mwiz.co.uk/repo and click on done.
Enter the source name according to you in the box saying “Enter name in media source”. For instance, enter “Merlin” and click Ok.
Return back to the main menu in Kodi interface and select system.
Now click on the Add-ons and choose install from zip file and then Merlin.
After this choose repositorymerlin.x.x.x.zip and wait for the add-on enabled message.
Now go to the setting and select “Addon” and then get add-on.
Here, you have to select Merlin repo and click on Video addons.
In the next step select Project M Kodi add-on and click on install.
Wait for some time until add-on enabled message is received.
After following all these instructions the Project M Kodi addon for 3D movies will be installed successfully and users can play and enjoy their favorite movies in high quality.

If someone loves to watch movies, sports, videos, then they really like Kodi media player. This media player has various add-ons that allow the users to watch high-quality 3D movies in Kodi and provide lots of features that enhance the way of entertainment.

All the extensions of the Kodi are easy to install and provides a user-friendly interface that stream 3D movies Kodi in high resolution. Above mentioned are some of the best Kodi add-ons that are great to watch 4k, 3D and HD movies without any interruption.

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