Tips for Throwing a Fun Girls’ Night In


Tips for Throwing a Fun Girls’ Night In

There is nothing better than a cozy girls’ night in. Get comfy, grab your favorite snacks and drink a glass of wine. Pick a movie the whole group will enjoy. If they aren’t fan of chick flicks, try a new thriller or an old classic. Ask friends to bring their favorite traditional family recipe and have a potluck dinner party. Cooking with your besties is fun and much less stressful than cooking solo!

Game Night

Whether your group is competitive or not, game nights are the perfect way to strengthen bonds and have fun together. Try a new game, or break out the old favorites. Just make sure you choose games that don’t require a long time to play, or people may lose interest. Bring out your friends’ competitive nature by organizing a bar trivia night or a card game competition. You could also try a murder mystery or charades or put a twist on classic sleepover games like Truth or Dare. Alternatively, you can host a DIY pizza party where everyone makes their pizzas using pre-made crusts and whatever toppings they fancy. It is a great idea for warm summer nights with nice weather. Just be sure to have plenty of non alcoholic spirits on hand.

Movie Night

Movie night is always a crowd-pleaser. Ensure you have enough seating in front of your TV or projector, and choose a movie that will benefit from being projected on a large screen. Set up game materials beforehand, like movie quote bingo or trivia. Consider adult coloring books (trendy now) for a more relaxed girls’ night in. You could also bring out your quieter friends for a book club party. Bust out the murder mysteries, ridiculous romance novels or classics for a great night of conversation and bonding. Get back to your childhood roots and throw a slumber party. Pile up some blankets and chairs to create a fort and start telling scary stories or playing Truth or Dare! Add a few drops of eucalyptus or lavender to your aromatherapy diffuser for extra relaxation.

Craft Night

Every girl loves a good DIY night. And if you pick a fairly simple project, your friends can still have fun without worrying too much about messing up or getting frustrated. It’s also a good idea to buy extra supplies in case anyone shows up late, or something goes wrong. Ask each of your friends to bring their hidden crafting talents. Someone might be a master knitter or scrapbooker, for example. Let them teach the rest of the group during a night of creativity and conversation. You can also get your girls together to learn a new skill to benefit them. Companies offer all-in-one paint parties that provide supplies and easy artist-led tutorials that even a beginner can follow. That way, your friends can have a great time regardless of their skill level, and you’ll feel like a rockstar host!


Whether you’re a photographer or just love taking selfies with friends, documenting your girl’s night can be fun and unique. Have everyone dress up in the night’s theme and take photos to share later on social media. If you and your squad aren’t too klutzy, hitting up a trampoline park for dancing is a great way to hang out and have fun. Trampoline parks host everything from dance classes to obstacle courses that will keep your squad entertained and get in a workout too! Cooking is useful, so a cooking class with the girls is an easy and fun girls’ night idea. You can find virtual cooking tutorials through companies that make it easy for groups of people to learn together.


There is a fine line between blah girls’ night and an unforgettable one, but there are some easy ways to make it so much better! First, plan and ask your friends to bring something that fits the party’s theme. It will cut down on food costs and allow your guests to get creative and impress you with their cooking skills. A cheese or chocolate fondue is an excellent choice and a sure crowd-pleaser. You can even use various items like apples, strawberries, pretzels, and cheeses to give your girls options and a chance to try new things. Another delicious way to impress your guests is by creating a cocktail bar.

Wine & Cheese Tasting

There’s nothing better than hanging out with your besties over some good food and drinks. And hosting a girls’ night gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that! Plus, you’ll have fewer distractions and full control of the decor, food, and music. Hosting a wine and cheese tasting is the perfect way to get your friends together fun and sophisticatedly. Plus, it’s a great way to learn how to pair different wines and cheeses. To make the night even more fun, create a theme. For example, you could have a spa night or a 90s throwback party. And be sure to assign one of your friends to be the photographer for the evening!

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